Emeritus Hosts

 mainstreet with trademark

Mainstreet™ was the first Tech Regional host early in AGU's development.

Mainstreet Computers, Inc. started small in May of 1982. Owners, David Carnahan and Thomas Bowles, created custom programs exclusively for each individual client. Mainstreet™ provides software solutions to simplify the day-to-day business operations of glass shops in the U.S. and Canada.

Today as North America’s leading glass software provider, Mainstreet™ credits their customers for their success. Customers trust Mainstreet™ to keep a watchful eye on the business climate and diligently work to improve our products and services to meet those ongoing changes. As technology evolves to make our lives easier, Mainstreet™ continues to provide time-saving features to the glass industry by making use of the latest technologies available.


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Equalizer is a founding sponsor of Auto Glass University and provides Equalizer® auto glass removal and replacement tools for the school.

Equalizer® has invented, developed or brought to market the majority of new tools that have been introduced into the auto glass industry since 1987. They are the leading source of auto glass removal and replacement products in the world.

Equalizer makes their facility in Round Rock, TX available as a host location for AGU and provides the services of Gilbert Gutierrez and Jason Horne as instructors.