nags international
Explains how glass is identified and marked. NAGS® International is a publishing company that provides the industry with its own way of categorizing the glass parts we replace and repair.


Introduces the common and specialty tools used in our industry and describe their proper use and handling. The instructors will discuss the variables each tool brings to the job at hand.


Glass Preparation

Is Auto Glass University for You?

Who are our students?

Entrepreneurs: Last year, more than 50% of our students were entrepreneurs interested in starting an auto glass shop or adding glass installation to an existing business. Our class is the quickest way to get up the speed with the information necessary to be successful in the auto glass business. Learn in an interactive environment with people who are facing the same challenges you are.

New Technicians: Glass installation seems complicated at first, but most of them are not too difficult once you learn the proper technique. We will teach you where to go to get the information you need to “trailblaze” on any vehicle you come across, now and in the future.

Experienced Technicians: Have you been in the field doing installations for a few (or more than a few) years, but want to update your knowledge on today’s vehicles? Do you want to make sure you are “doing it right”? Take your career to the next level.

Those Needing Certification: Show the world how good you are. Auto Glass University graduates are recognized through the industry. We keep you connected through social media, graduate reunions, and with our 800 number that you can call if you run into a problem in the field.

In addition, we are the only training program that includes AGSC Certification in the price of our school.